Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lord, Break our Hearts for what Breaks YOURS!!!! - Are you heartbroken???

I have been really convincted lately.... although i havent been sure of what i was being convicted about lol i have felt really "heartbroken" about a lot of different things that never bothered my like this before....

Now ive always had a heart for children, expecially suffering children! but i used to see images and just shake my head and say to myself... "ooo isnt that aweful" and then move on....

But lately these images have left me weeping! ive been kinda down lately and sad. And i was associating it with the frusteration of our adoption journey, or the stress of trying to get our home fixed or other "life" stressors....

BUT just now i was praying and crying... even now im fighting back tears... and i felt the Lord shake me and wake me up!!!!!!! ....


I am so humbled.... ive been so blind!!!!! Please forgive my Lord!!!!! and that is when i had to stop what i was doing and write this blog.... this isnt a "comfortable" blog to write, but i feel that i must write it!! this life isnt about being comfortable, its about listening and obeying my Savior!!!! this isnt about ME (or me talking abt what im "doing" or arent doing).... its about HIM or only HIM!!!!!!

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in." Matthew 25:35

Did you catch that??? for every person who is hungry in this world and we feed, we've feed our Lord and Savior!!!!! WOAH!!!!! i have been (admittedly subconciously at first) taking this extrememly seriously lately.... finding myself crying when i see a needy walking in the rain, or a child on the street.... how can we walk past a child or an adult that is in need and not help??? that is our sweet Jesus!!!! His heart is with the needy.... so when we help them, we help Him!!!! i have felt my whole life that i shouldnt give money to the homeless on the streets because "theyd probably but drugs or alcohal anyway" [what a pressumtion that is!] and who am i to pressume that anyway!!???!!! Is Almighty God not in control of all of it anyway??? Is it not his money anyway??? Would HE not give that man ALL HE had??? this realization is very humbling, and eye opening!!! Its not our money in the first place... WOW!!! So "OUR" plans for how to use the money doesnt matter... because it isnt ours!!!

the only plans that matter our HIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you used "your" HIS money, for HIM?? and HIS purposes?? i know i havent done nearly what he have me do... i am WAY too concerned with the material things i "want"... and i am DONE being concerned with such insignificant things... i am praying that he change my outlook and my heart!

Our Sweet Jesus will supply all our needs... So our concern needs to be HIS needs!!!!!!! There are people all over the world that are DIEING everyday from things like diarriha, and a stuffy nose... DIEING!!!! CHILDREN DIEING FROM A STUFFY NOSE!!!!

The hubby and i have felt we'd like to "sponsor" a child for sometime now... but ill admit we were going into it for some selfish reasons... So WE could do some good!! Well we actually did it a few days ago, and ever since we saw those faces and got more specific information... those are now OUR children!!! the feelings that we once had for the suffering have now come right up into our living room... they are no longer some distance countries problem! they are our childrens problems!! and it completely breaks my heart *tears* We have decided together that whenever we get a raise in income or adopt a new baby we will commit to sponsor a new child.... its very frusterating to me that there are so many children waiting...

they cant go to school, or eat, or hear that they are precious and wanted!! EVER!!! or more important than all of these... They most likely have NO opportunity to hear who Jesus is and that HE loves them!!!!!! these are precious souls that need to know the love of christ and know that they are beautiful and fearfully and wonderfully made!!!

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart" - Jeremiah 1:5

and if this is making you feel uncomfortable??? GOOD!! he wants us to get uncomfortable for him....

Think with me for a second.... What do you spend 38$ a month on??? 38$....
I know that there are lots of things i spend 38$ on... like, lunch out, a couple pedicures, or a few lattes... how bout the newpaper?? or how bout clothes that i really dont need... dinners out... even grocery items that are "luxeries".... or getting our DOGS GROOMED!!! (it is horrific to me that the pets in this country have a MUCH better life than most of the children of the world! ANIMALS LIVE BETTER THAN THESE PRECIOUS BABIES!!!!!!!!!)..... books.... wasted gas spent just "going for a ride".... a haircut.... cell phone over usage fees.... i could go on and on!!

When i think about it... do i really NEED!!!! any of these things??? when its the same amount of money every month just to have basic nessecities!!!!! Do i have a right to a pedicure ( or any thing else), without giving... when there are children dying in the world from starvation???????????? NO... NO i dont!!!

No you may be thinking "we cant save them all!" YOU ARE RIGHT!! WE cant!! but everyone you help... it SURE DOES MATTER TO THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT CHANGES THIER LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which in turn changes thier families lives, and thier villages lives... and so on...

they are many many organizations! but the one that has really got me is Compassion International! You can write to your child, get pictures and info about them... make them apart of your family!!! Sometimes your words of "you are beautiful, you matter to me, and I love you" are the only times these precious children EVER hear these things!!

BE the voice of Jesus to these precious babies!!!

Releasing Children from poverty in Jesus Name!!!

What does HE want you to do??? I dare you to ask him, truely ask him... and i DARE you to LISTEN and OBEY WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU!!!! i promise the impact on your life with be FAR FAR reaching!!!

Love & Blessings

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  1. Liz, your soo right, i really need to do something too. thanks for helping think about other. you and Andrew are such great people.