Monday, May 17, 2010

Paying it Forward

I am posting this via - Courtney from "Storing up Treasures" (see link below) She and her husband have completely followed Gods command to care for the orphan and are the proud parents to 10 children, 4 of which (i believe) are adopted!! Please read through this and consider donating 5$ or even 10$... WE are one of the 26 families that will be helped by your selfless donation!! Lets come together and Ransom all of these babies into the loving arms of thier families!!!!

Paying it Forward

Since we have been so blessed by the generosity of others, we have decided that we want to pay it forward. We are passionate about adoption. Not just our own family adopting, but the countless families who are opening their hearts and homes to precious orphans around the world.

After much thought and discussion, we have come up with a campaign to help other adoptive families struggling to raise funds for their adoptions. The campaign will begin today and will end after 20 days {June 4th}. We are calling it "10K in 20 days".

If you are an adoptive family in need of funds for your adoption, we invite you to enter. We are only allowing 26 families to participate and EVERY family will be awarded money for their adoption. You need to act fast because we can ONLY take the first 26, homestudy ready families.

If you have a heart for adoption or you just want the chance to get some cool giveaways, I encourage you to come on over and enter. We are giving away loads of things, but you have to enter to be eligible!

Go to our Campaign Page HERE to learn more and PLEASE help spread the word. If you know someone who could use help with their adoption, please send them over there to enter. We need as many people helping to get this off the ground as possible. So tweet about it, facebook it, and blog about it. Help us pay it forward!

Oh and if you have a business or Etsy shop and would like to promote your shop by donating an item of gift certificate to our donor prizes, please contact me!{} I would love to help grow your business in addition to being able to offer great giveaways to encourage more donations!

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