Saturday, July 3, 2010

4 Years!!!!

Fours Years ago... today, i married my best friend! "the scotsman"

We had very much a whirlwind romance.... One which began over the phone and computer, yep thats right we talked and began to fall for one another long before we met face to face!

Then on January 29th, 2006... I spent hours getting ready lol (i even went and got a hair cut just so my hair would look great!... i didnt need a hair cut at all, i had just had one... but i wanted to look perfect) i did my make up twice... haha YES! i did my face completely and then washed it all off and did it again! i was so nervous! which was strange for me.... i had never really cared about dates and such... I was always like here i am, take me or leave me! as i was rushing around cleaning the house and getting ready that morning i stopped at one point in the middle of it all and thought..."what is going on with me? im never like this!" then i just laughed and kept on with my craziness....

I was ready WAY early! haha and i was sitting in my bedroom staring out the window to the parking lots hoping i would be able to see him drive up... again with this giddy girly craziness... never ever was like this before! there was just somthing about THIS guy.... I did see him pull up and my heart was beating so fast i thought i was going to pass out lol the moment i saw him walking up to my building... I WAS SMITTEN!!! as i walked to answer the door, i thought..."ohh man, Liz... this isnt just some guy.... this might just be THE guy!" I opened the door he said hi, hugged me and i melted....

(mind you i can be honest about this know... at the time? heck no! i had to "play hard to get" i had to be the girl who didnt "need a man!" (and i didnt need "a man" i needed "this guy!") but ofcourse i couldnt let him know that ;)

We went to a movie.... he held my hand.... he was shaking!

Again.... i melted! He was just as nervous as ME!

We went to dinner and talked and talked and talked.... there was NEVER an "awkward silence" it was just smooth comfortable conversation!

Before we even left the table after dinner, he reached across the table grabbed my hand and said "ive had a great time tonight! I wanna see you again... when can i see you again?"

He smiled.... I melted!

4 days later i found myself driving out to the DC metro area... somewhere i had never even been.... just to see him again! and a few days after that he was again knocking on my door.... this went on for weeks, every few days spending more and more time together! We saw movies, played putt putt.... went to the batting cages.... went hiking, had picnics....went to the zoo & to concerts in the park... played and walked my dogs, by the way... they LOVED him, and he LOVED them.... and i fell harder and harder! by march we went on a vacation to the mountains of VA, and by April we had met each others family and friends.... We were getting closer and closer by the minute..... Full steam ahead!

Now ill be completely honest.... Did we bring glory to God with our relationship? No! I was very far from having a close relationship with God, very far.... and The Scotsman? he didnt even know him...... but at the time.... i didnt care!

On June 13th we were at the Baltimore inner harbor.... and the scotsman looked at me and said "So im getting ready to leave for scotland in a few weeks, and id really like you to come and meet my family!" (i had known about this trip for a while.... and he had hinted that i should get my passport ready cuz he wanted me to come... but he hadnt officially asked me yet... by the way, i was already getting my passport ready hahaha "just in case" lol) with wide eyes i looked at him and before he could even finish i said,"YES YES!!!!! i would love to go!!!!!" he laughed and said "AWESOME" then he looked at me and said somehting i will never forget as long as i live! He said... "So you know how much i love you?" to which i responded that i did.... then he said... "Well i dont want to take you to scotland to meet my family just as my girlfriend.... (by this time im thinking is he proposing??? driving down the road??? HAHAHA --- he wants to take me as his fiance'??? --- NOPE) he says...

"I'd like to take you as my WIFE!... What do ya think?"

My heart was racing.... this felt completely crazy! i looked at him and asked him if he was proposing? He said that he was.... i asked him if he was sure! He said that he was.... and then i told him that i needed a proper proposal! (you know like on one knee and all ;) but that when he did i would surely NOT SAY NO! hehehe
Over our day walking around the inner harbor we talked about what we wanted to do, like when we would get married and how this would all happen before the trip in less than 4 weeks!!

none of that matter though.... because as crazy as it seemed, i was completely head over heals IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later that night he "officially" got down on one knee and asked me... i ofcourse said yes! After talking with his parents they graciously offered to allow us to get married in thier beautiful home, and we decided that July 4th, would be the day....

It was just over 3 weeks away! Everyone thought we were crazy! ha even US at times......

Those 3 weeks were a whirlwind of dresses, and cakes, passport problems and scrabbling to get everything done.... but we tried to soak up every minute! We called each other "fiance'" as many times as we could (since we werent engaged for very long lol) and had as much fun as possible planning our day! Days before i moved out of my apartment and left the single life behind!

Before we knew it the day was here.... i was awake very early, cuz i couldnt wait to get there :) We were married on one of the hottest/humid summer days of 2006 lol and it was THE. BEST. DAY.!!!! a few days later we left for our honeymoon..... Those were the sweetest days.... one of just pur bliss... no worries! completely escaped from real life! Reality would come later.... then it was just US, together on our first adventure as husband and wife!


We thought the hard part was over! ha... but it was really just begining.... but the honeymoon isnt the time for that.... its a time for bliss <3


the struggles came months later.... when i was missing somthing in my life.... it just took me a while to figure out that was my Sweet Saviour!!!!

See the Scotsman and i were "perfect" for each other by every criteria of the world.....but to be honest here!!!

Our relationship shouldnt even have started! and wouldnt had i been walking close to Christ! We didnt believe the same things and had i been walking close to God, i probably wouldnt have even given him a second thought.... But i now know that God has used our relationship, in HUGE ways! About 6 months after our wedding the scotsman accepted christ! what an amazing thing! to be able to sit in our little apartment with him and pray and introduce him to our LORD AND SAVIOUR!!! has our reltionship been easy? HECK NO! we didnt enter into a marriage the way God commands us to.... so there have been consequense, and hardships some that we could have never imagined!! We didnt get to take the easy road, we had to take the hard one... but!!! Are we perfect? NO WAY! but Jesus is working in us.... and i thank HIM everyday for using my foolishness and the time in my life that i was ignoring HIM to bring me someone who has loved me the way that christs loves me!! and the scotsman has shown me that....

Our wedding Day - July 4th, 2006

My Sexy Scotsman waiting for me....


'Til death do us part....


You may know kiss the bride! Woohooo YIPPPEEEE :D:D:D



I love you more today than i ever have! You are my best friend, and buddy... I love to talk to you and hang out with you.... You look at me and i feel as thought you are seeing my soul! You are the only person on this side of heaven that knows every part of me... the good the bad and the ugly! you know ALL my struggles and you love me just the same... i often sit and wonder what on earth i ever did to deserve your love! and then i realize... i dont! But God loves me so much, he gave you to me anyway! *tears* I am so humbled by this!! Do we have a perfect relationship? no way... We fight, yell, and argue... We disagree and drive each other bonkers! but through it all our love never fads....
To quote a line from one of our favorite movies... "I'd rather fight with you for the rest of my life, than ever make love to anyone else!" (the wedding date)
I love you Baby, more than anything in this world... and i pray everyday that we will now be a team for christ! that we will be able to live a purpose filled life for our Lord and Saviour!! I am SO excited to see where life takes us.... With you by my side, i can do anything! Thank you for being my biggest Fan, and always cheering me on... No. Matter. What!
I love you so much!!
Your Pet <3

Mr & Mrs


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  1. What an incredible BEAUTIFUL love story!!! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your prayers, encouragement and love :)
    Kim and the gang!