Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a relief!!

its been about an hour since our social worker Brenda, left our house! She spent about 3 1/2 hours here....

i seriously have been going crazy! SO SO nervous about this meeting and how things would go, we cleaned and cleaned.... and cleaned lol but after she was here about 10 minutes, we were laughing and talking very freely and openly... She said, "wow i feel like ive known you guys for years!" haha funny enough i felt the same way! Im SO impressed with her knowledge and how caring she is... She really does do this for "the children", not the money... this isnt a "business" to her, its a cause! I LOVE THAT!!! she was very open and honest with us, and was very encouraging!! After we had talked for a while and shared basic information and paperwork... We took her on a tour of our house! She made lots of positive comments and really didnt have anything negative to say... :) We made our way upstairs and showed her all the rooms, when we got to the nursery full of all the baby things... she stood in the middle of the room with her mouth open just looking around! she walked over to me with tears in her eyes... she gave me one of the warmest hugs ive had in a long time, then she cupped my face in her hands, and said with tears rolling down her cheeks "you have my heart, we need to get you a baby NOW!!!" i was so shocked and felt so cared for in that moment! We arent just some family on a list to her... you can tell that she takes this very personally, and i LOVE that!
After the tour we went back to the kitchen for more talking, and she asked us what we were looking for in a child... what are we open to as far as race and gender! when we said "ANY" she asked us if we were sure? and then got this HUGE grin on her face and said, "OOOOOO this will be fast!!! you wont wait long" she went on to tell us how she gets calls about babies all the time, and if we are open... it wont be long at all! i couldnt believe what i was hearing... and from then on the rest of her visit was smooth sailing..... we are SO increadibaly excited that we could have a baby soon, and WE are SO SO ready!! I have such peace about this situation, such calmness.... I know that our baby is out there, and we will be together soon!!

Our next meeting with her is on November 7th, and we're going to meet her in Deep Creek at andrews parents house! (we have to cover her milage expenses and its much closer there, plus she will get to meet them!!) We have our physicals and chest xrays on the 10th and then we just have to wait for our clearences to come back, and then we're ready for a baby!! :) She also has lots of other adoptive families right in our area, and she is going to connect us with them!! :):):):)

So now we begin looking for adoption grants and different fundraising options! We trust that God will provide this need for us.... I believe that our baby has already been chosen and nothing or no one can stop the will of the OUR LORD!!!!!! if anyone has any suggestions on fundraising ideas or organizations that give grants please let me know!

thanks for reading & for the prayers!!! They are SO working... So keep emm coming!!! :):)

ill update soon!


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  1. AWESOME!!!!! That makes me feel SO good. We had a not so good experience. Your story gives me hope for the future. Congrats!!